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My blog "True Stories Well Told" is a place for people who read and write about real life. I’ve been leading life writing groups since 2004. I teach, coach memoir writers 1:1, and help people publish and share their life stories.

A Prayer for New Orleans

I’ve visited New Orleans like a poor person, like a rich person, and after Hurricane Katrina, like a person for whom money had no meaning. The devastation was not equally distributed, but it impacted us all—even people like me with … Continue reading

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Mother Odilia, Jimmy the Baker, and Me

Bread is the staff of life, they say. Bread is where my husband Jim got his start as a baker, before progressing to pastry chef. Bread turned up repeatedly on a recent day, in that way that says, “pay attention.” … Continue reading

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Leaving Alabama, 1965

By Jeremiah Cahill For the first time, I was scared. Really scared. Hitchhiking solo into Selma, Alabama in March 1965 had been youthfully naïve. Six weeks later, departing that civil-rights hotbed by sticking a thumb out was not only foolish—it … Continue reading

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Seize the Opportunity

Seize the opportunity, no matter what. I recently took part in a writing retreat Sarah organized, Write in Nature. I should explain that I am also an Association of Personal Historians member, but had yet to do my own personal … Continue reading

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Call for submissions for 2016 Midwest Review

I like the motivation of a deadline, the clarifying guidance of a promised audience to write for, the inspiration of a prompt to write on… how about you? Deadline October 1, 2015 The Midwest Review journal is accepting submissions for the … Continue reading

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Two-Ball Sports

The “Season of Sports” concludes with this post… By Dale J. Dean There’s nothing like the fear of imminent death to encourage a person to go beyond their normal abilities. I need that encouragement, because, as a bit of a … Continue reading

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My Life in Sports

The Season of Sports continues… By Doug Elwell No one noticed it at first, but when Ollie Baker planted his corn that spring he left a fair sized corner of the field fallow. It was the field that sat on … Continue reading

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