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Writers write. Find prompts to get started if the blank page is staring back at you…

Go small…

In a writing workshop at Pinney Library this summer, we spent one evening talking about “going small.” I set my writers an in-class challenge: seven minutes to write about something, starting with an object as the focal point. “Give us the … Continue reading

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Small Things

At a recent Salon at Pinney Library we had fewer readers than time slots available, so I offered a writing exercise. I asked people to think about something meaningful they have with them in the room, then challenged them to write facts (1 minute), … Continue reading

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From Cursive to Computer

There has been a lot of handwringing  about the demise of cursive writing this year. An NPR piece about it aired as I drove to teach the first session of a memoir writing workshop back in March. It inspired me … Continue reading

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Send me your travel essays

Let’s celebrate spring with some vicarious wanderlust! For the next couple of months, I will feature travel essays from my life and others’ — that is, if you send me something! My life as a traveler began with a family … Continue reading

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David Brooks on “What Suffering Does”

I’m preparing to teach next week on writing to heal, a subject on which my thoughts have yet to settle into a “set piece.” A couple of months back I posted about Jessica Handler’s book Braving the Fire, an excellent guide to writing … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Weather…

Sitting in Atlanta GA at a temperate 39 degrees this morning, and seeing  that the weather in Madison WI is back to a seasonal 12 degrees or so (above zero this time), it feels odd to post about the cold. … Continue reading

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Weather alert & Monday’s Salon…

12:00 Sunday update: Sad to make this decision, but “First Monday First Person” is cancelled for  Monday January 6th. Join us for next month’s salon, February 3rd. In the meantime… why not use Monday night to write instead? Here’s a … Continue reading

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