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The Stories We Tell Ourselves…

An NPR article on the use of psychology in the search for ships lost during World War II brings a nugget of brain science that memoir writers might appreciate. The event–an Australian light cruiser named the Sydney sunk by the … Continue reading

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Zippy and the Couch (books best in pairs)

I participated in a panel discussion on Creative Nonfiction and Memoir at the Wisconsin Regional Writers Association fall conference in Stevens Point last weekend with Judy Bridges (author of Shut Up and Write) and Alan Ansorge (author of the Bay … Continue reading

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On the Cultural Phenomenon of Men Opening Doors for Women

A Personal Tale of Women’s Suffering and Suffrage By Kathryn Bush He couldn’t have been much more than 7, although Bangladeshi children are smaller than their American peers. Barefoot, he darted from the protective ring of little boys, and rushed … Continue reading

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Horse Crazy (part 1)

By Sarah White Horses, my heart’s desire. From earliest memory I wanted a horse so bad it hurt, and that’s no cliché. When heard hoof-beats coming up our street the pain tore me in two. I ached to run down … Continue reading

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The Power of place in your memoir

The following musings were sparked by a post on Nieman Storyboard brought to my attention by APH president Pat McNees earlier this year. In it Andrea Pitzer lauds author Robert Caro for recognizing the power of place, acknowledged as a key component of literature, is … Continue reading

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Learning to Divine

By Linda Lenzke DOWSING is a type of divination employed in attempts to locate ground water, buried metals or ores, gemstones, oil, gravesites and many other objects and materials. Dowsing is also known as divining (especially in reference to interpretation … Continue reading

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Getting and Spending in Carmel Indiana, 1960s

This was written in response to the writing prompt, “The role of money in your life.” I have always had a sense of myself as an earner, a participant in the economy, not just a consumer. I was born to … Continue reading

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