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The Case of the Quibbling Siblings…

Fran Morley of the Association of Personal Historians brought the obituary brou-ha-ha of the Anello family to my attention recently. (How did she know about my secret addiction to obituaries–the shortest form of personal history?) What caught the media’s attention … Continue reading

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“On to Z”–the Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE)

Making headlines this week–the Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE) is complete. What began 50 years and 5 volumes ago with “Adam’s housecat” finished this week with “Zydeco.” Frederic G. Cassidy, the founder, was known for signing his letters, “on … Continue reading

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Start Writing Your Memoir “1-shot” at UW Mini Course 2/29

In this three-hour workshop through UW Mini Courses we’ll do exercises to increase memory recall, practice writing, and discuss issues unique to autobiographical writing. You’ll leave with three original “story starters” and a plan for turning them into the start of your … Continue reading

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Westside Senior Center February 22 class cancelled

Due to low registrations, I will not be offering the Wednesday midday class at the Westside Senior Center as planned. Stay tuned–I’m working with the center to find a different day and time that will hopefully work for more of … Continue reading

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Life Story + “Backstory” = Very Powerful Personal History

Check out this post by my colleague Sue Hessel on APH’s blog… Life Story + “Backstory” = Very Powerful Personal History Sue’s client, a holocaust survivor, clearly remembered her feelings from that experience, but did not recall the exact details. In … Continue reading

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Bring Back Old-Fashioned Storytelling!

Jill O’Neal posted the following note in the Association of Personal Historians group on Facebook: Nice, relevant storytelling quote from author Bronwen Dickey from a short essay titled “Bring Back Old-Fashioned Storytelling” published in “Southern Living” Magazine (Sept, 2010): “Why, … Continue reading

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“Start Writing Your Memoir” class begins at Westside Senior Center February 22

For every life there’s a unique story–are you writing yours? Small groups are a great way to get ideas and stay motivated. This workshop starts Wednesday, February 22. For 8 weeks we’ll discuss and practice techniques for writing about our life … Continue reading

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