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Izzy and the Bed

By Carolyn May (Note: I wrote this as a letter from my dog, Izzy, to my daughter’s cat, Elmer.) Dear Elmer, We’ve never met. That’s a good thing because I would probably want to chase you and you’d have to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Finding Home in “Pulphead”

The essay is a satisfying literary form. Especially when the essayist takes on subjects you’re familiar with, but not deeply schooled in. Like (for me, anyway) Axl Rose. Which is why I started reading the essay, even though I lack … Continue reading

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Raising Sonia, Spirit of the Cimarron

By Katie Ravich My three year old daughter Sonia sometimes seems like a curious combination of my husband Dan and me.  Right now we are struggling with her resistance to having “friends.”  I mean I am struggling with her resistance … Continue reading

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Putting Words in Chefs’ Mouths

Continuing my food-related theme of the moment, I’ve blogged on the Association of Personal Historians blog about a recent article in the New York Times that got me thinking about the parallels between ghostwriting and personal history work. Read that … Continue reading

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Salad Tamate, or, a Tale of Two Tomatoes

Recently I’ve been working on curriculum for cookbook-memoir classes–one to be taught online, another for a local class at our food coop. This has me trolling for ideas among my notes from the “Meals and Memory” workshop for the Odyssey … Continue reading

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Did You Feel That Too?

By Linda Lenzke Hazelden’s online recovery site Sober24 provides an online fellowship for people who are sharing the journey of recovery from addiction and compulsive behaviors. The site features “Our Stories” written by people like myself in recovery. I submitted … Continue reading

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Bread and Roses for International Women’s Day

I don’t know when I made International Women’s Day a personal holiday–probably sometime in college. Somehow I don’t need reminding of the significance of March 8th when it comes around. The date leaps out and says, “Remember!” The day I … Continue reading

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