Upcoming Workshops Summer 2012

“Put a Little Life in Your Obituary”

How will you be remembered? Don’t let others have the last word!

Every life story deserves a polished telling, but that seldom happens in the stressful time following a death. With a little help, you can write a lively, accurate picture of your life suitable for publication when the time comes. Make the task enjoyable by working on it in a group. In these workshops we’ll explore the revival of interest in obituaries in America, then draft obituaries for ourselves or loved ones, minus only the final details of life’s end.

(And if you think this is too macabre or depressing, ask me to tell you my story about when my Aunt Peg died and the kerfluffle over her obituary sent me to the emergency room. I promise you’ll feel motivated to write your OWN obituary now.)

Madison area: Wednesday, August 1, UW Mini Course. Campus  room TBA, 6-9pm. $24.50 for Union members, $34.50 Fac/Staff. To enroll, click here.

Online: Mondays, 6/4, 6/11, and 6/18, Story Circle Network. Meets for 3 weeks online.  For more information, click here.

“Remember to Write!”

“Free Taste”  June 21, 7-8:30 pm, at Pinney Branch Library, 204 Cottage Grove Rd.

The stories of our lives connect generations and communities. That’s a priceless gift, one anyone can create, with guidance.

Sarah White’s “Remember to Write!” talk explores reminiscence writing in small groups, a process by which “ordinary” people meet, write, and share their extraordinary stories. The program covers why writing our life stories is important, how to approach writing as a craft,  and how small groups offer a good way to get started and stay motivated.

This talk is free and open to the public. Attendees should bring paper and pen/pencils for in-class exercises.

“Start Writing Your Memoir” 6 nights July 12-August 16, 6:45pm-8:45pm at Pinney Branch Library, 204 Cottage Grove Rd.

For every life there’s a unique story. Start writing yours. Whether you want to share your own life experiences or pass on your family’s stories, this workshop will help you get started and stay motivated.

We’ll spend six evenings discussing how to structure your stories, how to organize your project, and how to deal ethically with writing about living people. Each class includes time to share what you’ve written in a supportive environment. You may write on suggested topics or choose your own themes. The program is suitable for anyone 14 or older. Attendees should bring paper and pen/pencils for in-class exercises.

What’s the secret to writing stories others will find compelling? You’ll leave this class with a better idea of the answer. You’ll also have an outline for your memoir based on branching points that reveal your core values and life lessons. Over six weeks you’ll produce up to five essays (3-5 pages) and a plan for writing more.

This workshop meets for 6 Thursday evenings, July 12-August 16, 6:45-8:45 at the Pinney Branch Library. Free. To register, contact the library at 224-7100 or visit the library’s events page. 

“Write Your Cookbook-Memoir”

Online:  Story Circle Network 5-unit class scheduled for SCN’s summer class series, July 17-August 21. Check back for a link when the course description goes live in a few weeks.

Memories made around the table are some of our finest. Whether you want to share your own recipes and stories or pass on your family’s food traditions, this class will help you get started and stay motivated.

The recipes you love are an important part of your heritage and a gift to pass along to future generations. When they’re accompanied by stories that show why you love these foods, your gift grows immeasurably. In this workshop we’ll meet for five weeks to share our recipes and memories. We’ll participate in memory-stimulating guided discussions, and write essays and recipes. I’ll share readings from great food authors and suggest themes, such as childhood favorites, holiday foods, and food prepared away from home. I’ll familiarize you with the steps required and the resources available to help you complete a one-of-a-kind record of your place at Life’s table.

Local: This class will be offered at the Willy Street Coop East, September 9 through October 5th.

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