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What does “freedom” mean?

Last week I convened another discussion on “thoughtful aging.” Amid the talk of life’s mixed gifts, Kathryn C. gifted me with an “Aha Moment”–“When I retired, I was giddy I was so happy! Such freedom!” Something rang hauntingly familiar. When Kathryn said … Continue reading

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Flash Memoir: Is that a thing?

Maybe you’ve heard about flash fiction–that genre of complete short stories in less than 1000 words. It’s been around since prehistory–given the difficulty of writing by chiseling on a cave wall, or later, the scarcity of papyrus–it’s no surprise brevity … Continue reading

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A Vision for Pontilly: 10 Years Ago Today

By Sarah White I wrote this shortly after my return from New Orleans in March 2006. Over a March weekend in 2006, I was in New Orleans to assist a professional facilitator with a Vision Retreat process for the hurricane-damaged … Continue reading

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Shame or Guilt?

David Brooks, the columnist I love to hate/hate to love, has done it again–published an essay that cogently covers an issue I’ve been ruminating on for the past half year. The article is titled The Shame Culture. In it Brooks writes, “In a guilt … Continue reading

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Good Vibrations

By Sarah White In honor of International Women’s Day, I offer this essay about an aspect of women’s lives that is still surprisingly absent from the discussion of our wellbeing. Good Vibrations “Knowing how to please yourself gives you freedom.” The Little … Continue reading

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The History of The Wonderful World of Childhood

By Sarah White I saw it this way. Once upon a time, a man saw a trail, he followed it, and saw a woods. He thought he could use it, and he did! He cleared it, and planted flowers in … Continue reading

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