“Write your Family Story” online course with Mike Oke–free! (for now)

I’ve found a partial solution to how to blog while experiencing a COVID19 pandemic-related form of writers’ block: I’m sharing resources offered by friends/colleagues who are finding their own ways to help “ordinary” people cope in such an extraordinary time.

Mike Oke (rhymes with bloke) is a Briton who started Bound Biographies in 1991. We met in 2006 as fellow members in the Association of Personal Historians. We keep in touch.

He recently let me know about his new online course, Write Your Family Story.” In response to the current pandemic lock-in, he has reduced the price (ordinarily $199) to FREE. I checked it out–it’s just like having a chat with Mike in his office.

Check out the course here!

This is what the course looks like: Screenshot from Mike Oke’s online course, “Write Your Family Story”

Mike has developed an effective methodology he shares with his clients as he coaches them to write their autobiographies. He published an interesting guide-cum-anthology with examples drawn from his clients’ stories, Write Your Life Story, (4th edition published in 2010). It’s a fun read, since all the references are “teddibly British.”

Recently, Mike adapted that methodology to an online course format. He chunked it into 22 short lectures–about 10 to 15 minutes each. Every lecture ends with tips to get you going on applying what you’ve learned. Helping him was his friend and client, audio engineer Imran Ahmad.

Imran encouraged Mike to adapt his coaching process to the online course format. Since Mike had already written a book, he had a sense of how he would organize the course. He includes in the online course a downloadable resource based on the book.

“I’m happy to offer it for free,” Mike told me, “because good things will develop through it. I suppose it’s our small tribute to the people living alone and finding these times a real struggle. If this can help them through, then that’s fantastic.”

Mike and I hope you’ll take a look!


What is the story of your resilient moment? How are you facing this challenge and coming through?

See submission guidelines here–then send me your true RESILIENT story well told. Or hey, just a link to any resource that helps you refill and recharge.

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  1. Loretta Heindrichs says:

    I tried to sign up to Mike Oke’s course, but it wanted a password. I made one up, but that didn’t work. Loretta Heindrichs Personal Historian & Certified Legacy Advisor Keepsake Video Memories, LLC Avon Lake, OH C: 440-554-4835 H: 440-933-7654 e-mail: info@KeepsakeVM.com http://www.KeepsakeVM.com



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