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Book Review: “Om Namah…” by Kalyanii

Readers of True Stories Well Told who have read Kalyanii’s earlier essays will cheer, as I do, her accomplishment in publishing her novel Om Namah. Its straightforward categorization as “FICTION / Contemporary women” hides the deep and subtle interplay between … Continue reading

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When the Cash Goes Marching In

By Kelly Sauvage Angel Tonight, I’m doing a bit of laundry and becoming reacquainted with my cats. After all, I rolled back into town just a couple of hours ago, having spent the weekend at The Saints and Sinners Literary … Continue reading

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Reflecting on writing the “Tuscany” stories

In the last golden light of a lingering warm fall, I conclude my suite of stories about a trip to Tuscany in 1997. Today I reflect on what I learned from writing this second-person experiment. It was just this time of year–early … Continue reading

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The Kittycat Sutra

By Kelly Sauvage Angel When the student is ready, the teacher will come. ~ Unattributed   A wise one, a young lama of sorts with no robes nor grand lineage to speak of, entered my life recently. It was a … Continue reading

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Is It Strange that I Put Garam Masala in My Chocolate Cake?

By Kelly Sauvage Angel Is there any question that we literary sorts get a little, how shall we say, “balmy” after spending day upon day, week upon week and, bless our little hearts, year upon year, tapping away at our … Continue reading

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The Ballet Class

By Kelly Sauvage Angel Approaching the doors to the studio, I hesitate for a brief moment, tightening the hood of my down coat against my neck, before entering and making my way up the stairs. It’s my first ballet class … Continue reading

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The Task at Hand

By Kalyanii Kalyani is one of the more than 70 women whose essays appear in What She Said, a Madison-area story collection published by A Fund For Women to celebrate its  20th anniversary. These are the stories of Women on a Mission to improve the … Continue reading

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Beat by Unlikely Beat

By Kalyanii I arrived for the drum circle at Kenosha’s Harbor Market with plenty of time to spare. Having stayed with a friend in Lake Geneva the night before, the drive was short; and, after struggling mightily for months in … Continue reading

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