About “True Stories Well Told”

This is a place for people who read and write about real life. I’m your host and tour guide, Sarah White.

I’ve been leading life writing groups* since 2004. I feel something’s missing from my life when I don’t have a workshop in progress. The purpose of this blog is to fill that gap, for myself and other writers like me.

Here’s where I share the thoughts I might bring up for class discussion. Here’s where I post the writings of my fearless, peerless, workshop participants. Here’s where I share stories from my own life, as well as my pet peeves, pointers, and personal observations. I hope to create the atmosphere you find in my classrooms.

For more about me, visit my website: www.firstpersonprod.com.

*I’ve struggled with what to call this work. Are we writing memoir, autobiography, reminiscences, life stories? Precise word use is of ultimate importance to a writer. Each of these terms captures something of what we do when we write about real life. But each carries nuances of meaning, that shift depending on the meaning each of us brings to the word. Which one works best for you? Cast your vote!


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