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What is Guided Autobiography? How do I teach it?

“Guided Autobiography” is where it all began for me–one book that got me started on leading reminiscence writing workshops. The year was 2004. I’d just heard about Guided Autobiography from the first personal historian I met–shout-out to Anita Hecht–who recommended … Continue reading

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The Proposal and the Purse

A few weeks ago I posted this writing prompt: when did YOU start carrying a purse, why, and how did your self-identity change? This is one response to that prompt. By Deborah Wilbrink It had been a long day, fun and … Continue reading

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What meaning does a purse carry?

Writing prompt: I started a 4-week “Flash Memoir Write-In” workshop in Madison recently. One woman wrote about her dad’s anger when she wouldn’t start carrying a purse. (Every woman knows that’s the cusp of womanhood, like that other thing). I … Continue reading

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A Pause for Ice Cream –or- “Midwestern Nice”

By Sarah White I’m preparing to teach “Flash Memoir” in a few weeks. As a result, memories in short flashes have been coming to me recently. Here’s one. Madison, Wisconsin, summer, 1980 or 1981. A storefront scoop shop opened on Williamson … Continue reading

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Brief but Wonderful

In a time-starved world, it feels wonderful when we have the opportunity to really slow down and delve into something, whether it’s spending an afternoon reading for pleasure, or wandering the halls of an art museum, or lingering over a … Continue reading

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Book review: “Shimmering Images” by Lisa Dale Norton

In my recent “Flash Memoir” online workshop I was describing the micro-memories at the core of that short-form writing technique. A participant said, “Oh, that sounds like the ‘shimmering images’ Lisa Dale Norton’s book is about.” I liked the sound of … Continue reading

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A Childhood Moment

By Rose Osborne Rose produced this essay in my recent workshop on Flash Memoir for the Association of Personal Historians. The sky was so vast and blue in my hometown of Parkes, Australia. Mum was very strict when I was a … Continue reading

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Balloons Are for Kids

By Kay Frazier My friend hadn’t had a proper birthday party as a child. At 45 years old, she organized one for herself, complete with five friends, cake, and balloons. Each of us got to take one balloon home. Mine … Continue reading

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The word “potpourri” originated in the early 17th century, when it denoted a stew made of different kinds of meat. Today’s “True Stories Well Told” is a mixed meal of opportunities you might want to take advantage of. Over the … Continue reading

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Let’s add some reading and writing (forget the Arithmetic)

These are troubling times. I’m self-isolating (as if my lifestyle weren’t already pretty self-isolated, as a home-based freelance writer). I’m trying to meet the world as if I were the one carrying contagion, protecting those around me with social distance, … Continue reading

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