Guest Writers: Guidelines for Submissions

I’m eager to feature the work of other writers on this blog. Let me hear from you if you’re interested– But first, read the following guidelines…

  1. Short is good. While I believe that every essay has its own length it wants to be, the blog format demands very short-form writing. I’m looking for essays under 800 words. I will consider essays over 800 words if the first paragraphs include a strong hook– I’ll post the opening to the blog, and continue the text on a sub-page.
  2. Images are good. If you have a photo or memento to illustrate your story, that increases my interest in publishing it.
  3. Diverse topics are good. You can send me a reminiscence, a reflection on your writing process, a book review, an opinion, a question, or…???
  4. Truth is good. My approach is founded in creative nonfiction. “True, stories, well told” means we use styles and techniques more typically discussed in fiction, but we create factually accurate narratives. You’re welcome to use your imagination to bring a true story to life, to conflate characters or change details to protect others, and in general experiment with what “truth” means to you. Let’s keep the conversation going on what, exactly, is the role of truth in writing about real life.
  5. Republished is good. I’m happy to publish work that has previously appeared elsewhere, online or in print, if it meets the other guidelines. We weave the web of interest in first person narratives when we link to each other’s blogs, republish each other’s work, and so on. Hey, I’m happy if you want to republish something you read here on your blog–it goes both ways.

You need to know:

Publication on a curated blog (i.e. one with an editor, in this case–me) is considered “publication” where contests are concerned. If you think you might want to submit a particular essay to a contest, don’t submit it to me–if I publish it, I blow your chance at the contest.

This blog is public and somebody you know might see it–might even read your work. Naming names can have consequences–think it through. Let me know how you want your work attributed. You’re welcome to use a pseudonym if publishing under your own name would be uncomfortable for you or someone you care about.

I’m happy to receive your submission any way that’s convenient for you to send it–in the body of an email, as an attached document, handwritten on a scrap of paper–if you’re interested, we’ll figure it out. When you send it, please include your writer-bio in one or two sentences, third person, please.

Now let me hear from you! Send your stories to

-Sarah White

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