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True stories from my life.

Snap Judgment

By Sarah White When we meet a person, we make an assessment based on a few signals—the coat they’re wearing, the car they’re driving, the state of their hair. But can we ever trust the accuracy of that snap judgment? … Continue reading

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My First Moth StorySLAM

By Sarah White I think I’ve known about The Moth since it originated in New York City in 1997. A homesick southern poet wanted to recreate the feeling of the summer evenings he remembered, when people gathered on porches to … Continue reading

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My Big MFA Adventure complete, finding a publisher comes next

“We’ve got your book,” said the title on the brochure that fell into my hands one fateful morning in Oxford, England, July, 2016.  “Whether you are a mid-career writer, a journalist, or an aspiring author, King’s MFA is designed for … Continue reading

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Danger Growing

By Sarah White I wrote this in one of my memoir writing workshops in response to the prompt, “childhood danger.”   We slept in cribs with slats that could trap our heads, springs and latches that could pinch our fingers. … Continue reading

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The Things We Carried — To the Southern Foodways Alliance Fall Symposium

By Sarah White With apologies to Tim O’Brien, author of The Things They Carried, a Vietnam war novel/memoir that I was reading while on this jaunt. Bold sentences are lifted from his opening pages and used as writing prompts. Soleil Ho, … Continue reading

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Shaving My Legs

By Sarah White The following is a Flash memoir I wrote guided by the prompt, “What is your earliest memory of your longest love partner? ” I intended to create an example of object writing.   Jimmy thumbed loose the … Continue reading

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Halifax Redux

By Sarah White I’m taking a four-part self-guided workshop with Creative Nonfiction this month, titled “Playing with Patterns: Crafting the Braided & Collage Essays.” The intent is to draw us into examining the creative potential of juxtaposing themes through collage … Continue reading

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