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True stories from my life.

Keep the Stories, Lose the Stuff?

By Sarah White I went to Italy. I turned 65. I came back feeling my life didn’t fit as comfortably as it had. The urge for change had been sparked. However, any change I could envision brought a chain of … Continue reading

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On Turning 65

By Sarah White The first clue that this might not be purely a joy-ride was the weather. The temperature hovered at the cold edge of comfortable, wearing the jacket I had brought to Italy. The scowling clouds looked like they … Continue reading

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Braided Essay: Silverwood Park Responds to Dane County Parks Hours, Rules, & Information

By Sarah White In my writing, I’ve begun to play around with patterns; one is the Braided Essay, a form that invites the weaving of a personal narrative with outside information that takes on more resonance as the essay unfolds. … Continue reading

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Next Avenue Published My Essay!

While I was pursuing my Big MFA Adventure, learning to write a commercially-publishable book and build my platform to resemble that of a commercially-publishable author, we were encouraged to submit for publication. It didn’t matter what we submitted–book reviews, articles … Continue reading

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Happy International Women’s Day!

This morning I invite you to revisit a post I published here on March 8, 2012, about my personal connection to International Women’s Day.    

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The Grief Compactor

By Sarah White My best friend died.  It’s that simple, just a dull, dumb fact.  She passed on May 1, 2020, of a cancer detected so late she—and I—and her sister—barely had six weeks to get from “oh no!” through … Continue reading

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November 2020: My COVID19 Flu-cation

By Sarah White In the last week of October, I was exposed to COVID19 through my visits to my mother in a congregate living facility. She tested positive just before she passed from this life, but what took her down … Continue reading

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The Ghost Office

This post concludes a series on our experiences under COVID-19, inspired by the realization that “we are all field collectors” in the effort to someday tell the story of what happened in 2020. Let’s turn our thoughts to something lighter. I welcome … Continue reading

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The Power of a Thing, Or, The Tea Cart Goes Away

This post continues a series on “objects” inspired by Martie McNabb’s Show & Tales events. In writing, the concrete will always have more power than the abstract, because with concrete words come images. Let my words bring images to your … Continue reading

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COVID19 has jailed our elders

On March 15, the assisted living facility where my mother lives went into lock-down to attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Visitation was immediately restricted to only those receiving end-of-life care. Group dining was suspended. So were all group … Continue reading

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