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True stories from my life.


By Sarah White The plight of the Thai soccer club trapped in a cave got me thinking about a memory from 1972 or ’73, when I was very nearly trapped in a cave under similar conditions.  I have only limited recall … Continue reading

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Who Cooks for You!?

Chef-journalist Anthony Bourdain’s death last week brought to mind the chefs I’ve known, including the one I married. I first encountered this band of pirates (the only men in uniform I find sexy) when my roommate-boyfriend became the pantry chef … Continue reading

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Life is Circular (Revisiting your past writing)

My last post (with Doug Elwell) concerned revising your writing. Like Doug, I find it fascinating to go back to pieces written in the past to discover not just how my editorial skills have sharpened in the interim, but also … Continue reading

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Missing the Point

By Sarah White, October 2017 I think I just missed the point—again—of an assignment for a class. (This time, the assignment was for my Big MFA Adventure.) This makes the third time. Funny, the first two times were in art classes, … Continue reading

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The Pinto

In this season of giving thanks, I offer this short essay I wrote nearly a decade ago about a gift that kept on giving. I often use this as a teaching story in my workshops, asking “with whom do you … Continue reading

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Halifax: From Belonging to Self-Actualization

continued from Climbing Maslow’s Pyramid in Halifax… With my dorm room and food supplies secured, I could begin to seek fulfillment of my higher needs: belonging, esteem, even self-actualization.   I learned about the University of King’s College masters’ program … Continue reading

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Climbing Maslow’s Pyramid in Halifax

Continued from Halifax Inserimento… Physiological needs form the base of Maslow Pyramid—shelter, sustenance. Then come social needs, esteem needs, and if one is lucky enough to attain the peak of the pyramid, self-actualization. I had come to Halifax and the University … Continue reading

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