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James Birren: “Ask participants to draw a visual map of their spiritual journey”

This summer I’ve been teaching a Guided Autobiography class following the curriculum laid out by Dr. James Birren, as faithfully as a new bride in the kitchen with her first cookbook. This is the core curriculum that over the years … Continue reading

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Sarah Goes to Oxford for “Global Reflections on Narrative” Conference

Next week I leave for a week in England–first visiting Bicester, home of the Association of Personal Historians’ U.K. Regional Coordinator Mike Oke, where we will have an informal gathering and share a meal. Then it’s on to Mansfield College, … Continue reading

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A shout-out to “Creative Nonfiction” for “Picturing the Personal Essay”

Creative Nonfiction is the clubhouse where the cool kids hang out–a virtual place for people like us, who value true stories well told. They “pursue educational and publishing initiatives in the genre of literary nonfiction,” to quote their About page, via … Continue reading

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Balloons Are for Kids

By Kay Frazier My friend hadn’t had a proper birthday party as a child. At 45 years old, she organized one for herself, complete with five friends, cake, and balloons. Each of us got to take one balloon home. Mine … Continue reading

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Three Happy Hair Days!

By Nancy Malvin I’m not very good at picking my best/worst anything. Actually, I find it nearly impossible. Given that as my norm, indulge my short list of times I was happiest with my hair. (Interestingly, in describing them, I … Continue reading

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When were you happiest with your hair?

Hair. We all have some, or used to. Back in the day, some of us “let our freak flag fly”–used our hair to display our identities, to proclaim we are “of this tribe” and most emphatically “not of that one.” “When … Continue reading

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What does “freedom” mean?

Last week I convened another discussion on “thoughtful aging.” Amid the talk of life’s mixed gifts, Kathryn C. gifted me with an “Aha Moment”–“When I retired, I was giddy I was so happy! Such freedom!” Something rang hauntingly familiar. When Kathryn said … Continue reading

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