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Issues we might discuss in workshop, tales from the classroom…

4 Ways to Develop Better Writing Habits in 2019

By Desiree Villena To quote a line from Charles Duhigg’s famous book, The Power of Habit:“There’s nothing you can’t do if you get the habits right.” And I couldn’t agree more. Human beings are creatures of habit — what we … Continue reading

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Wallace Stegner’s “Crossing to Safety” and the Rolling Now

By Sarah White While staying at Windhorse Farm leading a writing retreat in Nova Scotia in May, I ran into an old friend—Crossing to Safety,Wallace Stegner’s 1987 novel and one of my favorite books of all time. I began reading … Continue reading

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Sarah’s take on Scrivener, the super-duper word processor

I was asked recently about whether I use Scrivener. This morning I’ll share my thoughts on this powerful tool… kind of a Swiss Army knife for writers, and just as likely to confuse you with too many tools crammed into … Continue reading

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Upcoming workshop in Madison

This morning I’m staring down the work I need to get done before leaving for Nova Scotia, the writing retreat I’m leading, and my graduation from my Big MFA Adventure. I’ll only take a quick moment to update you about … Continue reading

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What is Guided Autobiography? How do I teach it?

“Guided Autobiography” is where it all began for me–one book that got me started on leading reminiscence writing workshops. The year was 2004. I’d just heard about Guided Autobiography from the first personal historian I met–shout-out to Anita Hecht–who recommended … Continue reading

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I have a Madison workshop starting in April: “Remember to Write! Memories to Memoir”

“In a community meeting room, participants in a reminiscence-writing workshop are gathered around a table. As we shift from discussing writing technique to sharing our stories, I witness again the power of writing in small groups. I see my participants … Continue reading

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Sarah’s Big MFA Adventure: Home Stretch!

This morning I’m staring down a deadline for Chapter 9 of my book, working title The Soulful History of Glory Foods. This is the last chapter I’ll write under the guidance of a mentor in my Big MFA Adventure through … Continue reading

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