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My blog "True Stories Well Told" is a place for people who read and write about real life. I’ve been leading life writing groups since 2004. I teach, coach memoir writers 1:1, and help people publish and share their life stories.

“It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again,” by Julia Cameron with Emma Lively

In January 2017, I convened an unusual book club. We were comprised of members of the Association of Personal Historians, coming together around the book It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again: Discovering Creativity and Meaning at Midlife and Beyond, … Continue reading

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Who Cooks for You!?

Chef-journalist Anthony Bourdain’s death last week brought to mind the chefs I’ve known, including the one I married. I first encountered this band of pirates (the only men in uniform I find sexy) when my roommate-boyfriend became the pantry chef … Continue reading

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That’s It!! Butt Out!

By Melodee Currier When I was a little girl, I remember being fascinated with cigarettes – the chocolate and bubblegum kind. It was a real treat when my parents bought them for me.  They were smokers and I felt so grown … Continue reading

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“If I Hunt, I Will Eat”

I’ve been a freelance writer, editor, and graphic designer since the mid 1980s, minus a few short stints on somebody’s payroll that left me eager to get back to my self-directed work-life again. You’d think the income insecurity of this … Continue reading

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Red Feather

By Madelon Wise Roz was laughing so hard, I expected her to snort. I mumbled a little chuckle, trying to be a good sport, but my stomach was churning, and a sad soreness settled in my chest. I could see … Continue reading

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By Faith Ellestad You talk about your dirty tricks.  I was stumbling into my dorm late one Saturday night when I felt a tap on my shoulder and saw a finger beckoning me over. “Past curfew, aren’t you?” asked a … Continue reading

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“Q Tips”

By Suzy Beal Let me tell you about my week.  It started early Monday morning at 4:30 am just as my husband was getting up to go to the gym.  He said, “Well, after today’s cleaning of the gas stoves, … Continue reading

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