For the Writers, 
By Sariah Daine

Come… I will tilt my head.
Slip your words into my eager ear
I’ve been waiting for your truth.

Share with metered rhetoric
Iambic pentameter
Or even prose will do…

Just let me in.
Let me see the you
that bleeds and laughs and loves.

I am your witness here…
On the other side of your careful words.
Be not afraid.
I will not shun or disregard.

I will take the little glimpse of you and
Hold it here,
Between my head and heart.

Here, where my own measured words will speak to you.
And if it comes, the day
When our mouths no longer speak
Or ears no longer hear…

Well, reach for me and take
My hand.

July 12, 2012

2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Doug says:

    What a beautiful piece! It speaks so eloquently to all who cherish words and writing and story telling and how they ought to be connected one to another. I’m making a copy to frame and put on my desk for those times when I get discouraged with something I’m working on and need to be reminded why the effort.


  2. Mel Stark says:

    I’m impressed.


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