Contests give aspiring authors goals and recognition

One of the many hats I wear is Contests Workgroup Coordinator for the Wisconsin Regional Writers’ Association.  Entering WRWA writing contests can be rewarding financially, and offers benefits apart from prize money. Success in a contest raises your profile, and can help you meet contacts who may be able to assist you with your writing career. WRWA contest entries number in the dozens rather than thousands, making success a real possibility.

January 1 was the opening date for our Spring contests, which include:

  • Florence Lindemann Humor Contest, for nonfiction essays or articles with a humorous theme, and
  • Al P. Nelson Feature Article Contest, for nonfiction articles with a link to Wisconsin. Reminiscences have dominated previous contests, but profiles, essays, how-tos, travel, humor, and round-up articles have made their mark, too.

March 15 is the deadline to enter these contests.

Entering WRWA’s writing contests is straightforward. The contest rules can be found here.

WRWA is a fellowship of amateur and professional writers who support each other with all types of creative writing. It’s been around for 62 years and is currently going through an exciting rebirth as younger members join the “old guard,” some of whom have been with the organization from its founding by Robert Gard.

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