Writing Prompt suggestion: Letting Go

Readers of this blog know I’m not a huge fan of writing prompts. In fact, I’m pretty conflicted about their usefulness for memoir writers. As I said in a post last spring (!%#@*! Writing Prompts) I think they may actually serve their function by prompting you what NOT to write–triggering a rebellious urge to write something else instead. Personally, I think that’s great, if it prods you to get on with writing about whatever topic motivates YOU. Only you (or your subconscious) knows exactly what assignment you need next–I barely have a clue.

But. One of my fearless peerless writers recently sent me this note–

“Here’s an idea for a topic to write on: Letting Go. It’s one of the big psychological tests we must all face, but the topic is so broad that it could cover almost anything: letting go of things, homes, health, kids, spouses, dying pets or people, dreams, youth, silly little things, a lovely old dress you once fit into . . . whatever.”

Thank you, Mary Kienitz, for a good suggestion. As summer trots toward its dog days, and the first ads for “Back to School” appear around us, it feels like a good time to think about letting go.

Summer begins with ambitions tied to letting ourselves go a bit–we’ll wear only comfortable clothes, we’ll relax finally as the pace of school or work slows, or we’ll use longer days to finally accomplish some things–projects around house and yard,tackling a writing goal, or seeing more of friends. Summer ends with letting go of some of those expectations, figuring out how to admit “enough” without admitting “I failed.”

So. What are you letting go of? Write about it!


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2 Responses to Writing Prompt suggestion: Letting Go

  1. Sarah, I loved working with you in a writing travel memoir SCN course, and would like to offer something to you occasionally for this blog. I have a previously written piece on Letting Go in one of my own blogs. How do I submit that to you as a possible post for this one? See http://www.mappingsforthismorning.blogspot.com ( archived February 12, 2009 post). I hope that I have bettered my storytelling a bit in 2 years, and would be happy to submit a revised version if you are interested.


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