A Paean to My Oaxacan Queen

Some readers of “True Stories Well Told” may remember April Gutierrez Manning–she participated in a few of the writing classes at the South Madison Library, early on. She blogged about her Mexican Adventure, moving with her husband and baby to the home of his Oaxacan parents, and What Happened Next. A fantastic & heartwrenching tale that will, we hope, be the winner of the Glamour Magazine “My Real-Life Story” contest (winners to be announced in June) but I digress.

April is back in the U.S., trying to work the system to get her husband legally back into the country, where she and Felix (now a toddler) and his new little sister Etta May are making it day by day. For a dip into what THAT’S like, check out this post on her blog, Aye Chihuahua… the power of April’s writing has always floored me. This one lays me flat out on the carpet.

Carpets! That’s what I set out to write about.

Back in Oaxaca, Cesar’s family makes rugs.  Cesar and April are selling these on etsy, to help pay for lawyers, etc. They specialize in authentic Zapotec Mexican rugs with a modern twist.  You can even order a custom rug — Green Bay Packer colors are popular.

Read an essay April wrote in one of those early classes here… “The Upstairs Library.”

Think about buying a nice Zapotec carpet for your home or a gift. And…

¡Tenga un día bueno!

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