Madison’s “A Fund for Women” needs your stories


At last night’s AFFW “storycapture” session we heard from…

  • a young woman inspired by her grandmother’s example of feminism before there was a word for it…
  • a Domenican sister grateful for her mentor and eager for young women to realize they have mentors available to them too…
  • a Turkish immigrant and CEO of a tech startup eager for “men and women working together without violence and control. We will have creativity and productivity!”
  • a business leader disappointed at not being able to join her high school’s tennis team because “anyone can join” really meant “any BOY can join”…

We need your stories too. A Fund for Women came together in 1993 motivated by research  indicating that less than 5% of all grant funds given across the United States were given to projects for women and girls. To celebrate the Fund’s 20th anniversary, we are documenting  moments that enrich others’ understanding of our lives and times. Two more public “story capture” sessions are scheduled for Thursday, June 13 and Saturday, June 22. Details here… 

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