Scenes from Association of Personal Historians Annual Conference

Dateline St. Louis – I’m at the Association of Personal Historians annual conference this week, and as president, it is a busy and exciting event for me! I’ve been too busy to post the next “true story well told” I had queued up for your enjoyment. In its place–here are some scenes from  #aph2014.

obligatory food shot from great restaurant Canyon Cafe w/ colleagues after board meeting: mix ‘n’ match tacos.

IMG_0036 Obligatory selfie from opening breakfast:


And now to the good stuff. Panel of former residents at our screening of The Pruitt-Igoe Myth:

p-i panel


From left: Edward Blair, Quincie (Humphries) Blair, Michael Blair, producer Brian Woodman, historian Jody Sowell, and me.

People from St. Louis came–because they were curious about the history of the Pruitt-Igoe housing project, because they had lived there or knew people who did, or because they were educators who wanted their students to know about it. I am delighted that youth in the College Bound program came en masse. And asked questions. Good questions!

youth questionsI’m sorry I didn’t get this young woman’s name. And here, our panelists respond…


The screening and Q&A after was a stunning reminder that we must keep our promises to each other, and hold others accountable to do the same. Every human being deserves respect; accept nothing less.

And on with the conference… from that serious note to a lighter one. The next evening, I learned from Jeff Phillips about found photos and the remarkable story of a mystery solved by a social media experiment. Who WERE Harry and Edna?

lost and found photos

Today: more workshops, then off to relax and sight-see with my people.


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