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Sarah White and Erin Farrell Adamany talk travel writing with Carol Koby

I have been working with Erin Farrell Adamany on her memoir about a fascinating 5-week trip to Morocco with her mother and two children. We were recently interviewed on Carok Koby’s radio show, “All About Living.” The program allowed me … Continue reading

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Mother’s Circus

By Donna Biddle When I went grade school in Terre Haute, Indiana in the 1940s, schools had more leeway as to when you went to school and what could be a reason to let school out early. I particularly remember … Continue reading

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Dave Isay of StoryCorps receives $1million TED Prize

This is a banner day for personal history! (Or rather, yesterday was, when the news was released.) Read about the TED Prize given to Dave Isay here. Why am I so excited about David Isay, StoryCorps Founder, receiving this fantastically generous financial … Continue reading

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The Sharpshooter

By Joan T. Zeier When I was growing up on our Columbia County farm, changes came slowly, if at all. Same landscape, same cycle of seasons, same activities, year after year. Even inside our farmhouse I can visualize the placement … Continue reading

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Scattered Drops of Rain

By Doug Elwell The little village of Pinhook is a speck almost lost in the boundless patchwork quilt of corn and bean fields that covers the east central Illinois prairie. In the mid-fifties there was Ike. The boys were back from … Continue reading

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First Monday, First Person salon meets Nov 3rd.

What day is November 3rd? A Monday. Which Monday is it? The first in the month. What does that mean? It’s time for the “First Monday, First Person” salon to meet! Join us from  6pm – 7:45pm, at the Goodman South Madison Branch … Continue reading

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