Creative Nonfiction contest: Weather!

A while back I used to camp. A lot. And it rained. A lot. Finally that experience is worth something: I can enter Creative Nonfiction’s writing contest on the topic of Weather!

Firefly Lake, Wisconsin, May 2000

Firefly Lake, Wisconsin, May 2000

Fifteen rainy outings in a row–that’s three years’  worth–then I quit counting. The most memorable of all those damp camps, which gave me a vocabulary of weather conditions as subtle as an Eskimo’s 1000 words for snow, was the time 100-mile straight-line winds rocked my night. Yes, I heard the train. And wrote about it. Not well enough to share–yet–but I just received motivation to polish up that story and make it a True Story Well Told (which, by the way, is a good working definition of Creative Nonfiction.) I just learned about this Weather essay contest.

Quoting from the website Creative Nonfiction:

For an upcoming issue, Creative Nonfiction is seeking new essays about THE WEATHER. We’re not just making idle chit-chat; the weather affects us all, and talking about the weather is a fundamental human experience. Now, as we confront our changing climate, talking about the weather may be more important than ever.

Send us your true stories—personal, historical, reported—about fog, drought, flooding, tornado-chasing, blizzards, hurricanes, hail the size of golfballs, or whatever’s happening where you are. We’re looking for well-crafted essays that will change the way we see the world around us.

Find complete contest entry info here.

The deadline is May 11. I’m polishing my camping weather story. What about you? Got a good weather story to share?

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