What meaning does a purse carry?

Writing prompt:

I started a 4-week “Flash Memoir Write-In” workshop in Madison recently. One woman wrote about her dad’s anger when she wouldn’t start carrying a purse. (Every woman knows that’s the cusp of womanhood, like that other thing).

I thought–what a great writing prompt!

On the topic, of purses, blogger Lisa Monica wrote:

A woman’s pocketbook is  synonymous with a child’s security blanket, they see it as a constant, it is a familiar item that has become part of their existence and when they hold onto that strap or feel it over their arm they are complete and can face one more day…

Let’s give it a shot–when did YOU start carrying a purse, why, and how did your self-identity change? Men, you’re welcome to play along–tell us about your sporrans, your man-bags, your fanny-packs! Let’s hear YOUR purse stories!

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