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G.G. Michelson, Macy’s Executive Who Broke Glass Ceilings, Dies at 89

In May 2012 I went on strategic planning retreat with myself, and emerged with a goal that shocked me: to place at the center of my purpose helping feminists from the leading edge of the Baby Boom share their stories of participating in the social … Continue reading

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If you’re going to change the names, change the names…

Publisher to Make a Change in Lena Dunham’s Book — A New York Times article on 12/10/14 reported that a chapter in Lena Dunham’s book Not That Kind of Girl has caused a kerfluffle. Seems that a guy named Barry thinks he’s the guy … Continue reading

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Sarah White and Erin Farrell Adamany talk travel writing with Carol Koby

I have been working with Erin Farrell Adamany on her memoir about a fascinating 5-week trip to Morocco with her mother and two children. We were recently interviewed on Carok Koby’s radio show, “All About Living.” The program allowed me … Continue reading

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Dave Isay of StoryCorps receives $1million TED Prize

This is a banner day for personal history! (Or rather, yesterday was, when the news was released.) Read about the TED Prize given to Dave Isay here. Why am I so excited about David Isay, StoryCorps Founder, receiving this fantastically generous financial … Continue reading

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Our stories: how we change the world

Thank you to everyone who came to First Monday, First Person’s First Anniversary earlier this week, and to those of you who sent warm wishes to our merry band. On Monday night I was reminded again why I call these … Continue reading

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David Brooks on “What Suffering Does”

I’m preparing to teach next week on writing to heal, a subject on which my thoughts have yet to settle into a “set piece.” A couple of months back I posted about Jessica Handler’s book Braving the Fire, an excellent guide to writing … Continue reading

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2013 in Review: How My Personal Got Political Again

In 2013 I was reborn a Feminist. You know how people say, “I’m not a feminist but…”? And then they go on to say something perfectly reasonable about women’s rights? This was the year I swore never to allow those … Continue reading

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