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Chris Connolly: Thoughts on Completing My Memoir

Excerpts from Chris Connolly’s memoir-in-progress have appeared on True Stories Well Told: Excerpt from “I Went Away, But Then I Came Home Again” and My 3rd Most Violent Vomiting Experience Chris recently showed me the LAST chapter of the memoir. I asked him … Continue reading

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Horse Crazy (Part 4: conclusion)

By Sarah White Horse Crazy (Part 1) Horse Crazy (Part 2) Horse Crazy (Part 3) Change of Plans In October 1971 I turned 15. Winter passed in short hours after school that barely allowed time for rustling up the horses, … Continue reading

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Book Review: “All Over but the Shoutin'”

Is there any feeling quite as pleasant as being a few pages into a book and realizing you’ve got a great one in your hands? The tactile message from your right hand reminding you there are lots of pages ahead … Continue reading

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Can Memoir Compete with Fiction?

Two short story contests have come to my attention in the last few days and it has me wondering: can memoir compete with fiction? I don’t mean “compete” as in “get my vote for most compelling reading” or “hold its … Continue reading

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By Dan Schuette What is it about Americans and our “stuff”? I think it started back in the depression of the 1930s and during WWII when everything had a purpose and everything was saved.  There wasn’t enough “stuff” to meet … Continue reading

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An “off the cuff” writing prompt

I was discussing my blog with a funny friend last night. Lacking anything more profound to post at the moment, I’ll share what he said when I admitted I was feeling a little dry on what to write about next. … Continue reading

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I’m Too Sexy

By Amy Boyd Looking at the dull blue dress with the frilly white lace and the gigantic flower pin I wondered if I would survive the humiliation of putting it on. It was the spring of 1992 and I was … Continue reading

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Horse Crazy (Part 3)

By Sarah White Horse Crazy (Part 1) Horse Crazy (Part 2) New Friends Two other girls boarded their animals at the Horse Farm. Getting to know them was essential as I got to know my horse, and myself as a … Continue reading

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All Saints Day–Let’s Talk Obituaries

“In Western Christian theology, the day commemorates all those who have attained the beatific vision in Heaven,” Wikipedia informs us. “The festival has assumed the role of general commemoration of the dead.” What a good day to ponder writing obituaries! … Continue reading

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