Marty Walton’s Fan Club says Thanks for the Memories…


Marty Walton, who has served as APH‘s Operations Manager since 2004, receives a retirement gift from her Fan Club, presented by Treasurer Peter Farquhar. What’s in the box? An iPad! Marty’s legion of fans is big enough–and generous enough–that a gift certificate for apps & such accompanies the sexy rectangle inside that box. Marty, you deserve this ten times over for your wise, kind, efficient service these past seven years.

On the left is Linda Coffin who will follow Marty’s class act by morphing the position of Operations Manager into our first Executive Director, commencing with the start of 2012 (when I will start my 2-year term as the president of this astounding organization.)

After a productive first day of Board business, it’s off to “Paris by Night…” with a full moon on the rise.

Vegas may be Faux but I like seeing the Eiffel Tower again–it’s been 23 years.



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1 Response to Marty Walton’s Fan Club says Thanks for the Memories…

  1. patmcnees says:

    Marcy Davis and Brina Bolanz also pulled together two tribute-to-Marty books, with stories about why everyone loves her so much. Nothing is more likely to make a person feel good than a book singing their praises, remembering great things the person has done for (or said to), etc. — and all with photos, adding nostalgia to the mix. Personal historians know how to celebrate people! Marty was easy to celebrate.
    — Pat McNees


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