More Live from Las Vegas…

Last post from Sin City–I head back to midwest & reality tomorrow. The overlapping of two out-of-this-world experiences has been really heady.

One of the two worlds–the Association of Personal Historians conference–has been tremendous.

Our annual Members Meeting took place over lunch yesterday. After President Pat McNees’ quick run through of club business (fiscal health regained, strategic plan adopted) the Major Reveal occurred: the new APH website is LIVE! Take a look and see what you think. Two years in the making and the result of much thoughtful process, we not only have a stylish, content-rich site–we have a new logo too. If you have any doubt about the power of personal history, just play the video on the home page (lower right).

When conference proceedings paused later in the afternoon I went out for a walk. Having seen Faux Paris & Faux Venice, what was left to see but Faux Rome? This is the kind of portrait you get if you don’t stop somebody and ask them to take your picture…

The other of the two worlds–the Las Vegas Strip–has gotten a little more comfortable  as I’ve gotten accustomed to it. On a weekday, not so smoky, not so crowded, not so drunk. “Maphead” that I am, I’m happier now that I’ve learned my way around (not easy, as the casinos want to keep you feeling a bit disoriented.) I no longer feel like my heart is constantly clenched in a knot of disapproval. (I don’t LIKE to feel judgmental.)

I think the great keynote presentation in the morning by local historian/author Michael Green on “The Families Who Built Las Vegas” helped. Any experience goes better with some context.

I was finally ready to not avert my eyes as I passed a Real Live Showgirl.

Tonight our conference ends with a gala at the Flamingo.

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