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A Child’s Christmas in Carmel (circa 1960s)

By Sarah White In the Episcopal church, Epiphany (January 6th) marks the end of the Christmas holiday. I squeeze in this Christmas reminiscence as the sun sets on January 6th.   Evergreen garlands. Golden gleams of flame from beeswax candles reflected … Continue reading

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What Lies Within, by Libby J. Atwater

At the recent Association of Personal Historians conference I bought a copy of the memoir written by my colleague Libby Atwater, titled What Lies Within. Having heard that Libby was working on her memoir–and being aware of her “backstory” as … Continue reading

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The Upstairs Library

By April Gutierrez Manning Growing up as me was fantastic, but more in the sense of word ‘fantasy.’ I read every book on fairy tales that the Young People’s section of the Freeport Public Library had to offer, always hungry … Continue reading

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Getting and Spending in Carmel Indiana, 1960s

This was written in response to the writing prompt, “The role of money in your life.” I have always had a sense of myself as an earner, a participant in the economy, not just a consumer. I was born to … Continue reading

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By Sarah White In the early Fall of 1968 the recruiters came to Carmel Junior High from the big seed corn companies. They arrived to sign us up for social security cards so we could work for them next summer … Continue reading

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The Gangs of Carmel, circa 1968

By Sarah White I began attending Carmel Junior High in September 1968, and turned 12 the next month. Difficult things to be, a twelve-year-old, a seventh-grader. In so many ways I was still a child, even though I had become … Continue reading

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My Last Fight

By Sarah White (One thing you need to know–My parents called me Betsy, a nickname for my middle name Elisabeth, when I was growing up. I didn’t become Sarah White until I left for college.) In the fall of 1968 … Continue reading

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